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Lookup the ICD.10 code for your specific condition by entering any keyword from the diagnosis received for your condition.
Only one field need to be filled in, in order to do a search.
Our lookup is not a legislated document and should be used only as a basic guideline, not as legal interpretation of Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB) conditions and benefit entitlements.

The following are examples of the 3 alternative ways of searching for potential benefits.
If you are checking an unpaid account, look for the ICD.10 code for potential PMB rights.

General Condition Specific Diagnosis ICD.10 code
Paralysis or poliomyelitis or A80.1
Tumour or cerebellum or C71.6
Fracture or skull or S02.10
Stroke or intracerebral or I61.0
Ear-drum or perforation or H72.8
Angina or pectoris or I20.9
Menopause or amenorrhoea or N95.9

Contact us for specific advice about your potential PMB rights and unpaid claim account balances, and enquire about Designated Service Providers, formularies and protocols that may apply to your medical scheme option.

Seasonal News

  • SA’s ECONOMY shrank by -0.6% during the first months of 2014, sustained by a decline in exchange rates.
  • Open medical aid scheme 1st January contribution increases again exceeded official CPI inflation of 5.4% by a wide margin.  
  • Medical aid scheme year-end contributions are set to again average just above the regulator’s guideline of inflation plus three per cent, between a range of 9%-10% for many open schemes and options.